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Fine Chemicals


Developing all new markets

We are finding new materials with high quality, high performance & high value all over the world, and we supply many markets such as Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Home products, Agrochemicals, Constructions and many other industrial markets with Polysaccharides. Since we have plenty of knowledges and experiences about Polysaccharides for decades, we propose the most suitable additives even for a new application.

Our Service and Support


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    Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

    We propose many kinds of naturally derived polysaccharides which conform to JSQI (Japanese Standards of Quasi-Drug Ingredients) and JPE (Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients). We are responsible for safety and reliability in our handling products, and we can support customer’s inquiries & requirements.

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    Home Products and Industrial Applications

    We supply Home products and many other industrial applications with naturally derived polysaccharides as thickeners, gelling agents or stabilizers. We are handling not only WSP(Water Soluble Polymers) but also polymers for organic solvent. We propose the most appropriate additive for customer’s needs.

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    Our Technical Support

    We have our own laboratory for the purpose of checking quality, finding a new application, hold a seminar and applying for a patent. Our sales department and R&D work together to put additional value. It is one of our strong points, satisfying our suppliers and customers.

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We can make various proposals according to the customer's request.
We will design the optimal plan from abundant data information.