Research Laboratory

Introduction of Research Laboratory

We have confidence in our technological capabilities.

Despite Sansho is a trading company, we have our own research facility. This is because we believe that providing technical service with products is our core element of management and it is based on “Sell our knowledge” which is our consistent management philosophy since company’s foundation.

We have various test facilities and analytical instruments in research laboratory, and we can conduct quality checking tests and research development of applied technology, in order to provide technical information regarding products to customers instead of domestic and foreign manufactures. And our researchers who well specialized in various industry fields work in same space, consequently, they can easily share information and have discussion. We can say that innovative ideas are likely to come out from this work environment.

Sales activity of SANSHO and Research Laboratory

Research laboratory provides technology required in the market by having close cooperation with sales activity. We can conduct trial experiments in research laboratory regarding various customer’s case obtained by our sales activity, and we can provide technical advices with test results. And one of the SANSHO’s features is sales representatives have an opportunity to conduct a test by themselves and have a discussion with researchers.

Primary Research and Development Activity

Research laboratory’s activities are divided into two sections, namely, section for rheology control technology by using polymer with focus on hydrocolloids, and section for the research and development of functional fiber, nonwoven, functional paper, window film and so on.

Furthermore, the sections for rheology control technology are divided into three sections, these are for food application, for non-food industrial use such as cosmetics and household products, and for papermaking.

Each section is conducting, of course, quality control and but also fundamental research and development of new application. Sometimes researchers themselves listen to customer voice and try to provide more accurate technical support.

Food section

Food section is conducting research development regarding “Natural polysaccharides” as sub-raw materials determining the merchandise value such as processed food quality, taste, texture and stability. Investigate quality characteristics of natural polysaccharides imported from prominent overseas manufacturers, and develop adequate process technology and applied know-how for final food products. Research subject is not limited only in general food, but also it extends to hospital food and swallowing assisting food.

Fine Chemical section

Fine chemical section is conducting research development regarding “Natural hydrocolloids” having effects that are thickening, gelling, and suspension stabilization in the wide range usage such as household products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, paints, construction, and so on. We have a lot of achievements for technical support by customer’s requests, for example, providing data using under severe conditions like strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature, and investigate root cause and providing countermeasures in case of problem happens.

Paper section

Paper section is conducting research development of paper chemicals such as guar gum derivatives, modified starch, synthetic polymer and so on. This section are engaging in various applied research of the paper chemicals which have the effect of improving the paper strength, texture and printability, and which have the effect of cost reduction by yield-improving and freeness-improving. This section are also engaging in development of a high value added system in accordance with customer needs.

Non-woven and Functional fiber section

Non-woven and functional fiber section is conducting research development of sheet products, which are required in various industry, such as functional paper and non-woven. And this section are also engaging development functional fiber as raw material. Especially, we have promoted that research and application of functional paper including fiber raw material from our research laboratory foundation, and we have succeeded that the world’s first synthetic fiber paper to bring out into the world together with industry and academia. By conducting research development of plastic net used in filter or medical material, we contribute to the part of the filter industry.

Film section

Film section is conducting that window film performance tests such as shatterproof, heat insulation, and UV cut property and so on. for both imported products and our own product development. Research of film material and adhesive agent to aiming for develop more high value added film is also conducting.

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