Company Profile

Company Profile

Sansho began more than 50 years ago with a desire to be special. The goal was to be not just another broker of commodities and raw materials but, rather, to be an organization with the capabilities necessary to work together with customers. And help to solve the many complex problems involved in satisfying individual needs.

Sansho has succeeded in this role as a problem-solving partner. Today, Sansho provides firsthand information, backed by solid research and development in the company laboratory facilities.

Clear-cut answers are provided in the form of ultimately useful products of superior quality.

Products tailored to the unique requirements of individual customers.
In short, Sansho gives customers additional value by providing that extra “finishing touch” which makes the difference between a Sansho product and just any product.

Sansho resources also include a close-knit net-work that covers Japan, yet which allows Sansho to maintain close contact with end users. And Sansho is well prepared to coordinate business transactions both internationally and locally.

No problem is too small or too big for Sansho.

How may we best serve you?

Sansho Vision & Principle

Our vision is to be the value-added and technologically specialized global trading company. Built on the philosophy of “ Sanpo Yoshi”, Sansho will continue to contribute to our society by answering customers’ requests and providing solutions to our customers’ problems as the expert by utilizing our singularity and expertise in each specialized and related fields such as rheology control, filtration, functional paper produced with synthetic fiber and film.
Accordingly, sustainable growth builds corporate profits by improving our corporate performance. Thus, we grow our business in order to make our employees who are also our stock holders and the related associates, be happy.

Sansho Mission

As the equal opportunity company, we raise the value of not only Sansho, but also each individual as an expert by implementing CVIP(Continuous Value Improvement Plan) for each field such as rheology control, filtration, functional paper made with synthetic fiber and film as well as for the adjacent fields. Each sales business unit should mutually be in cooperation with other sales departments, R&D Center, Logistic Center and the Administration department, and should always seek for customers’ needs in order to develop value added new products for Sansho in our strong fields and the adjacent fields.


Head Office
Twin21 MID Tower 23F, 1-61 Shiromi 2-chome, Chuoh-ku, Osaka 540-6123
Phone: +81-6-6941-7271   Fax: +81-6-6941-7278

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Tokyo Branch
S-GATE Hatchobori 10F, 3-20-5 Hachoubori, Chuoh-ku, Tokyo 104-0032
Phone: +81-3-6280-3816   Fax: +81-3-6280-3817

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Research Laboratory
Tsuda Science Hills, 2-21-1, Tsudayamate, Hirakata-City, Osaka 573-0128
Phone: +81-72-808-0070   Fax: +81-72-808-0050

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Distribution Center
Izumi, Tanba-Sasayama-City, Hyogo 669-2406
Phone: +81-795-56-2610   Fax: +81-795-56-2760

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Yen 96,600,000 (paid-up)


July 5, 1955

Business Line

(1) Additives for food, paper, textile printing, explosive, agrochemical, ceramic, mining, paint, cosmetic, lubricant, cleaner, polish and dyeing and other industries.
(2) Synthetic fiber papers and non-wovens
(3) Synthetic fiber and natural pulps for paper making
(4) Window films

Board Of Directors

Atsushi Karakawa, President
Takahiro Nuriya, Director

Numbers of Employees

84 (June 2020)


The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. Osaka Chuo Branch 1-1-5, Dojima-Hama. Kita-ku, Osaka


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